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Wedding Cake

A traditional wedding cake will always be in style. But since your wedding day should be a special occasion, why settle for a traditional white fruit cake?


Your wedding dessert is the ideal time to showcase your interests with your guests, whether you simply don’t like traditional big-day cakes or are infatuated with a particular sweet delicacy. Ready for some motivation? Think of adding extra delights to a classic cake (macarons or doughnuts, for instance), choosing an altogether different dessert (hello, brownies and waffles!), or embracing a non-cake dessert that honors your wedding’s venue or cultural background.


Embrace a Breakfast Classic

If cinnamon rolls are your favorite, why not try your hand at making a breakfast staple? As an alternative that will surprise and amaze your guests, stack several enormous cinnamon rolls that have been covered in a generous amount of cream cheese icing.


Choose Savory Cheeses

Have no desire for sweets? No problem! Choose wheels of cheese to stack one on top of the other to make a genuine cheesecake. We are in awe of the exquisite floral arrangements and lush foliage that adorn this tiered wonder.


Add a Macaron Twist

Why not go with the tried-and-true tiered cake design but give it a little bit of a twist? Taking a cake to the next level may be accomplished in such a straightforward yet unanticipated manner by decorating the tiers of the cake with an assortment of colourful macarons.


Build a doughnuts tower

Although doughnuts are a basic staple, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Rather than opting for the conventional tiered wedding cake, stack individual treats in a mini-tower and adorn it with flowers and miniature flags for a novel take on the classic wedding cake design (that can be used to note different flavours or showcase details of your love story, like your initials or wedding date).


Think about cheesecake

Do you like cheesecake over other desserts? You may achieve the appearance of layered cheesecake by combining several cheesecakes and then decorating it with a fruit drizzle and some fresh flowers.


Prefer Cake Pops

Cake pops are an excellent option to consider when you are looking for something portable. Plus, they can be created to complement any colour scheme, which makes them the ideal accessory to add to a dessert table that is already lovely.


Tower of Cupcakes

Celebrate with an assortment of sweets, such as a cake with just one tier, cupcakes, and even macarons. This display of several desserts offers a choice that each and every guest will adore, which is why we adore the way it was put together.


Take Your Macarons to the Next Level

There is no question that a macaron tower can hold its own on its own, but by including a few unique details, you can make it look even more stunning. A wonderful appearance can be achieved by including a few freshly cut flowers in your tower.


Using Doughnuts as a Centerpiece

With this delicious alternative, you can eat your cake and doughnuts, too! We think it would be a great idea to decorate the top of a cake with individual doughnuts to give it a cute and delicious appearance.


Puffs of chocolate cream

To all those who adore chocolate, take note: this one is for you! Making a tower out of chocolate cream puffs is like living out a childhood fantasy come true, but adorning it with delicate roses not only makes it look more gorgeous but also gives it an even more striking show.


Go for rainbow cake Design

Macarons have the potential to be the most enchanting component of any cake they are added to. Keep one tier of this tower as the base for the cake lovers in the home, but build the rest of the tower on top of it with layers of colorful macarons for a stunning alternative.


Go for mini Cheesecake Bites

Share your passion for cheesecake with your guests by serving it in bite-sized portions. To ensure that every guest is satisfied, you may either put together displays of straightforward small cheesecakes or include additional flavoring options like chocolate or cherry. You may give them a sweet appearance by decorating them with sugar decorations or by placing a fresh flower on each one.


Consider a Springform pan Cake

The demonstration provided by Nothing Bundt Cakes, in the form of a two-tiered frosted bundt cake topped with a miniature bridal and groom topper, demonstrates that something uncomplicated and sugary can be an absolute pleasure.


Serve up parfaits

Mini parfaits are a cute and delicious alternative to a towering cake with multiple layers. Create a stunning presentation by alternating layers of cake and frosting on your desserts and topping them with fresh berries.


Frequently asked questions


What type of cake is best for a wedding ceremony cake?

Vanilla. The traditional vanilla cake, which is sure to be a hit with guests, is frequently the cake of choice for engaged couples. The flavor, which is delectably uncomplicated, goes wonderfully with almost every variety of icing and filling.


What is authentic wedding cake flavor?

Although chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream is also immensely popular, many couples save chocolate cake for the groom’s cake if they want chocolate icing on their authentic wedding cake. This is because chocolate cake is more moister than vanilla cake. The traditional red velvet cake with cream cheese icing comes in third place as the most popular flavor for wedding cakes.


How far in advance should you bake the cake?

Baking and assembling wedding cakes require a significant amount of time. Because the cake must be served while still being fresh, it should be served no later than around three days after the day it was prepared at the latest.

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