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Pakistani Wedding Traditions

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Throughout the world there are many different wedding traditions.  Most of them have developed as part of the culture and religion in the region.  In most countries in the Middle East, Shadi is used.  Shadi is performed in these countries to bring other close together, whether it be families, towns, or even man and woman.


Pakistan is a country high in culture and tradition, and is known as an Islamic State.  Pakistani weddings will usually remain strict with Islamic wedding traditions, there are still many other costumes that they will observe.  The purpose of a Pakistani wedding is to legally marry a man and woman.  And being Muslim, it is the most important responsibility of the parents to be sure that their children are married once they are mature.  This is done to avoid sin.


Pakistani marriages are unique in that they blend the traditions of Islam and Hindu.  These cultures lived together for years.  Pakistan is an incredible country with many treasures.  The wedding celebrations there are a fun and exciting event.


About Five to Seven significant events will take place at a Pakistani wedding.  Sometimes,  they will take place over the course of a full week, but usually it’s spread out over a months time.  Let’s take a look at these events.


Pakistani Marriage Process


In Pakistan weddings are usually arranged, so they take about a year to finalize.  When the wedding events are nearing, friends and family are invited.  A budget is put in place to accommodate all that is about to take place.  Depending on what region of the country a family is from, different customs and rituals will be observed.  A typical Pakistani wedding will usually be centered around three events.  Rasm-e-hennah, Nikah, and Valimah, which is the reception.


Maniyaan (Engagement)-


  • Once the bride’s parents accept the proposal, there will be a small family get together called Maniyaan.  This usually includes an exchanging of rings, and some other gifts to symbolically show that the proposal has been accepted and that the wedding is forthcoming.





  • This is generally considered the most exciting event of Pakistani weddings.  Men and women will get together at either the bride’s or groom’s home and dance and sing along to native instruments such as the Dhool, Dandiyaan, or the Duffli.  Dholki is also an instrument that is a vital part of any Pakistani wedding.  This event can take place even weeks before the actual wedding.


 Mayun Ceremony


  • The Mayun or the Mehendi Ceremony generally takes place a few days prior to the wedding day.  Friends will get together at the home of the bride and apply Henna or Mehendi on her feet and hands.  In more traditional weddings, it will just be the female family members that will participate in this event.  The tradition has evolved over the years to where now men and women will take part in the celebration.


Nikah Ceremony (The Wedding Day)


  • At this ceremony the bride will usually wear a red dress and have her head covered.  She will also be dressed with gold jewelry.  This will make sure she is noticed above any other in attendance.  The
  • The Groom will wear a Sherwaani, and a Sehra on top of his head.  The Sehra will usually have fresh flowers placed upon it.
  • The procession begins by heading to the home of the bride.  The ceremony officially begins once the Nidak-Namma (marriage document), has been registered.  Within this document are various terms and conditions, including what money the woman will receive if they are to divorce.
  • Witnesses, and Walis must be in attendance for this part of the ceremony.  Usually the bride and groom’s fathers will be Walis.  The Priest will then recite various verses and once that is done, the bride and groom will accept the terms of the wedding by saying Qabool Hai.  The wedding is then announced, and the bride’s family will provide dinner.





This ceremony will take place once the dinner has been completed.  The bride will leave her home with the family of the groom and the groom himself.  The Quran is held above her head as she exits.  This symbolizes her begining her new life with endless blessings.



Shab e Zifaf (First Night for the couple)


The bedroom of the newly married couple is to be showered with flowers.  It is tradition that the bed is filled with rose pedals so that the first evening together is memorable and enjoyable.  At this time the new husband will give his wife a gift as a token of his love.  This could be some jewelry or a ring.


Pakistani Wedding Food


You will quickly discover that the food is a very key aspect, and maybe the most important part of a Pakistani wedding.  The variety of food will seem endless.  People will prefer to have the wedding dinner at a venue or banquet hall.  That way they can have catering supply the large quantities of food.  Besides, booking a long island wedding venue for a Pakistani wedding reception will make more sense due to the large amount of guests that will most likely be invited.  They’ll have more space here and the parents won’t have to worry about cleaning up their house after the guests depart.


If you have never attended a Pakistani wedding, I hope one day you get the opportunity.  There are so many interesting customs and fun traditions that you’ve missed out on thus far.  At the center of it all is family.  It’s a great experience.


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Indian Wedding Reception Timeline

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3:00 PM While the wedding party is relaxing at the hotel,and getting ready for the refreshed for the reception, the wedding planner should head to the reception venue if it is a different location than the wedding venue, or if it’s the same location, make sure they are there to welcome the catering company if you have planned to do off site catering.  If you have on site or off site catering this is when they should start getting things set up.
4:00 PM This is the time where the florist should begin to put the centerpieces at each table, and add any necessary decoration to the venue.
4:30 PM The Wedding planner should start to layout various photographs throughout the venue.  Anything from engagement pictures, to pictures of each of the families, will add to the environment.  The wedding planner should make sure to set out the guestbook, and basket or box for envelope gifts to be placed in.  Be sure that wedding favors, and table numbers are able to be seen. There is nothing worse than explaining where a guest is supposed to sit, or having too many party favors left over because people didn’t see them.
5:00 PM At this time the DJ should return to the venue to make sure their equipment is still in good shape.  The photographer should have access to the venue to take pictures of the additional set up.  This would also be a good time to start getting the wedding cake set up.
5:30 PM Music should begin at the venue for cocktail hour.
5:45 PM The bride and groom, and family should arrive at the venue.  If you are planning on having a receiving line, this would be a good time to begin forming the line.
6:00 PM The wedding reception guests will begin arriving and will begin to go through the reception line. Hors d’oeuvres  and cocktails will be made available to the guests.  Once the guests have been through the line, the wedding party should line up to be announced.
6:45 PM The DJ will either introduce him/herself or whoever is going to emcee the evening.  From there, the emcee will introduce the bridal party to the guests.  Music is played while the party enters the main reception area.
6:50 PM Once the party is introduced, the bride and groom are introduced to the guests.
6:55 PM The Bride and Groom’s First Dance
7:00 PM The Father, Daughter Dance, and then the Mother, Son Dance follows.   dance
7:05 PM Many times, the wedding party will put on a fun skit set to music for the bride and groom.
7:20 PM Once the skit is complete, dinner will be served.
8:00 PM Towards the end of dinner, champagne is passed around to the guests, and the maid of honor, and best man will then give their toasts.
8:30 PM The cake cutting ceremony will then commence.
8:45 PM Cake and Dessert will then be served to the guests.
9:00 PM After the cake cutting the formalities of the night have ended, and the dancing can begin.
11:45 PM The dancing should be wrapping up at this point.
11:55 PM The guests line up in anticipation of the bride and groom’s departure.
12:00 AM The bride and groom depart the venue and head to the bridal suite.  From the there the guests can depart, and gifts can be packed and sent to the home of the bride’s parent’s.
12:10 PM The vendors and others will breakdown the decor and, the wedding planner will then pass out payment to the vendors.
1:00 AM Cleanup is completed, and all have left the venue.

Here at Windows on the Lake, we offer everything for your Indian Wedding needs.  We have on-site catering, and accept off site catering as well.  We have the perfect Long Island wedding venue to host not only the ceremony, but the reception as well.


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Indian Wedding Ceremony:

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Please feel free to refer to the link at the bottom of this post for more information:

Wedding Ceremony Timeline

Time Event
9:00 AM Hairdresser meets the bride at either her home or the hotel she’s staying at.  It would be a good idea for the wedding planner to meet up then as well.
9:30 AM The wedding planner shows up at the venue where the ceremony will take place.  They should meet up with the florist, DJ, and any other vendors that need to be there for an early set up.  Give them a basic rundown of the venue, and let them get to work.
9:45 AM The photographer should show up where the bride is getting ready to take pictures of the process.  At the same time, the groom and his side of the wedding party should start to get themselves ready.
10:00 AM At this time the wedding planner should do a once around the venue to make sure that all setup is going along as scheduled.
10:15 AM All the final touches should be done for the ceremony.  If there are programs, make sure they have been laid out on all the chairs, the guestbook is set up, the corsages and boutonnieres are finished and taken from the florist.  Then set up the memory table and have the statue of Ganesha set up.
10:30 AM By now all the set up should be completed for the ceremony.  This will give the photographer some time to take care of the venue where the ceremony will take place.  At this point the groom, his party, and his family should begin showing up.  If the bride is being picked up in a limo, the limo should be picking her her parents, and her party by now.  If not, then whomever is driving her should be at her hotel by now to get her.  While she is in route, the wedding planner should discuss with the ushers the seating arrangements and any other responsibilities they’ll be assigned.
10:45 AM The Pundit should be at the ceremony venue at this time.  The DJ or wedding planner should make sure that the microphone works properly.  Doing a soundcheck with the Pundit wouldn’t hurt. This would also be a good time to start playing some shehali music.  While that the DJ is getting the music playing, the wedding planner should get the pooja supplies at the mandap.  The flower girls should have their baskets all set up as well.  Hopefully the Bride, her parents and the party will be pulling into the ceremony venue.  Once they show up, they can go to their dressing rooms at the venue.  The marriage license should be given to the Pundit at this time as well.
11:00 AM The photographer will gather the Groom, his party, and his family for some pre ceremony photographs around the Long Island wedding venue.  While that is going on the DJ, Dhol player and Bhangra Dancers should be getting prepared for the Baraat.
11:05 AM The Baraat gets together at the entrance of the ceremony venue.  This is when the groom will mount the horse, the DJ begins the music, the Dancers begin to dance.
11:15 AM The Baraat procession will now begin and the family will now join in the celebration.
11:40 AM This is when Milnis will happen.  Here the mother of the bride will perform aarti on the groom.  This is also when the bride’s family will welcome grooms side.
11:55 AM The ushers will now guide the guests to their chairs.  The bride and groom are given a rundown of what’s next by the wedding planner. At this time the bride and groom’s wedding party start lining up.
12:00 PM The DJ starts playing processional music, and when the time is right, the wedding planner will signal to the DJ that the ceremony is ready to start.
12:02 PM First the bridesmaids walk down, escorted by the groomsmen, then the best man will escort the maid of honor.  Following them will be the ring bearer and flower girl.
12:04 PM Once the wedding party is in place, the DJ will change the processional music to the music the bride will walk down to.  Once that music changes, the audience rises to their feet, and the bride is escorted down the isle by her parents.
12:05 PM The Ceremony begins.
1:00 PM At this point, the wedding couple will sign the certificate of marriage.
1:10 PM Now the recessional takes place.
1:15 PM The DJ or wedding planner will announce that the guests can move to another part of the venue where there will be appetizers and such, while the wedding party and family will take pictures.
1:30 PM Wedding party takes post ceremony pictures.
2:30 PM Once pictures are finished up, the party will head back to the hotel to relax and get ready for the reception.
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Kosher Catering Tips

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Kosher Catering is the type of catering that follows the kashrut, which are the laid out Jewish dietary guidelines.  There are many of these laws, so it takes a great deal of studying, years even, for a kosher caterer to pin them all down.  So at your Long Island wedding, if you want to describe your menu as Kosher, you’ll want to make sure to hire a Kosher caterer.  Make sure they have the expertise to inspect the condition of the food, and kitchen.  There are various things that make a meal kosher.  Such things as the condition of how the animal was slaughtered, or the crop was harvested, conditions of the kitchen, and even the way you prepare the food.  Going with Kosher catering will certify that you’ll be able serve all your guests a guaranteed kosher meal.

You’ll want to find the best kosher catering companies because they always hire caterers that are completely knowledgeable with how to prepare kosher food, and how to serve the food according to the kashrut guidelines.  Most kosher catering companies are proud to make sure everything is done in the proper way to make sure the meal is totally kosher.  It might in your best interest to consult an event planner that understands the Jewish faith and kosher guidelines as far as food prep.

It is important that the slaughter, food preparation, cooking, and the way that the food is served is kosher according to the laws of kashrut.  There are many rules in the kashrut that will govern what makes kosher food kosher.  Here are some commonly understood rules.

  1. If you are eating fish, it must have fins and scales both in order to be kosher.  Therefore, shellfish is not considered kosher.
  2. It is unacceptable to have a kosher meal combined with a glass of milk.
  3. The utensils  you use must also be considered kosher.   Make sure that your kosher utensil doesn’t touch any non kosher food.  Once that happens the utensil will then be considered no longer kosher.  Make sure to be aware of this otherwise, if you use this non kosher utensil on your kosher meal, your meal will then be considered non kosher.
  4. There are certain methods that must be used when slaughtering an animal for food.  A professional will use specific equipment for slaughtering and will do an inspection for any defects may have affected the animal when it died.


Kosher catering requires years of studying so that they will be understanding of the Jewish faith, and all the rules that go along with kosher food.  Many catering companies don’t offer kosher catering, so be sure when you are planning your Long Island wedding, find a company a caterer that specializes in kosher catering.  That way you’ll be assured that they will follow the laws so that you’ll be confident in everyone getting a kosher meal.  Windows on the lake has all the necessary experience to provide you with the greatness you’ll expect in a kosher meal.  With over 30 years of experience, you’ll find that they will take all the necessary steps to be certain, your meal will be completely kosher.


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Sweet Sixteen Planning Continued

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The Details- Plan 1-2 months prior to the party

Now that you have the date and venue squared away, you’ll now be able to focus on the particulars of the party.  Chances are, there will be a lot of details involved so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.  You can’t do the whole thing alone.  Here are some things you’ll need to plan.



  • Theme- Work with your daughter to decide on what the theme of the party will be.  She probably has a ton of ideas already, so pick her brain, but be sure to be the filter so that you don’t go too crazy.  Teenage girls can have great ideas, but things might get carried away.  With your combined efforts you should be able to plan a great theme for her big day.  




  • Food- This is an area where you can blow a huge portion of your budget or if you plan right, you can save some money while having awesome food at the party.  Some choose to have the event catered, while others have a home cooked buffet.  If you are planning on home cooking the food, keep in mind how much time that will take, and how much more you will have to do.  This could take you away from other details you could be focusing on.  So either get help, or my recommendation is to hire a caterer.  If you have chosen to have this Sweet Sixteen party at a Long Island Wedding Venue, there is a good chance there is On Site Catering.  If that’s the case, due to it being wedding off season, you could get a really good deal on food.  Some venues don’t offer On Site Catering, you you’ll have to find some caterers that will come to you. Do your research and you’ll find a perfect place to fit your budget.  




  • Entertainment- The purpose of having a Sweet Sixteen party is to honor your daughter as she grows into adulthood.  So it is important to keep the focus on her.  You can plan some games that her friends can get into. Maybe something that will involve getting to know all about her.  If you decide to hire a DJ, again consult with your daughter and make sure the DJ is playing music that your daughter will approve of.  As ridiculous as it may seem, don’t forget, playing the right or wrong music is a reflection on your daughter and her “coolness”.  So it’s important she has approval on the playlist.  If the DJ gets the music right, everyone will have a good time.  
  • Party Favors- It is proper party etiquette to make sure the guests don’t go home empty handed.  Especially at a Sweet Sixteen party!  This is an area where you can get really creative, but don’t have to break the budget.  Again, you’ll want this to reflect the party theme, as well as have everyone who was there remember that this was from your teenager’s party.



While it is a difficult task to plan a huge party like this, in the end it will be rewarding when you see how happy your daughter is.  This will be an event she’ll never forget.  A few things to remember, while this is a party you’ll be involved in, don’t forget, these are still teenagers you’re dealing with.  You might want to ask some of your friends coming to the party to help supervise.  I imagine for the most part everyone will be well behaved, but if you have the right amount of supervision, you’ll be able to avoid those sneaky teens trying to spike the punch!

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Planning a Sweet Sixteen party

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Having a party to commemorate a teenage girl’s path to early adulthood is call her Sweet Sixteen.  In many locations a very formal party is thrown to welcome the teenager into the next step to maturity.


Turning sixteen is an essential part of a girls growing up.  Many consider it just behind her wedding.  So, planning a Sweet Sixteen party is something that should be taken seriously.  This is not just another birthday, this is a very important step for the young teen.


Mothers should put together their To Do list.   Depending on how extravagant you want the party to be, you’ll want to plan far enough in advance in order to be ready for the party.  Let’s make that To Do list so we know what to plan.


    1. When is it?-  You don’t necessarily have to have the party on the teenager’s exact birthday.  Usually within a week of the actual day should be fine.  It would be a good idea though to think about what holidays are around the same time.  You don’t want to be competing with other holidays.  It might affect attendance.
    2. Choose the Venue- One of the most difficult things on this list might just be choosing a place to have this party.  Things to consider are, budget, and of course how many people you’ll be inviting. Depending on the time of year, you can have this party at a park, your backyard, or even in a rec center. Keep in mind though, if you are in the wedding off season, there are many Long Island Wedding Venue’s that will be available for your choosing.  And since this is the off season, generally Wedding Venue’s on Long Island won’t charge as much as they would for a wedding. This gives you the option to have a very elegant and extravagant Sweet Sixteen party.
    3. Who’s Coming?- Some teens don’t like the spotlight as much as others.  Therefore maybe they’ll want a very small intimate party.  They may want only their closest of friends and family there.  Others might want to invite the world to their party!! A few months out, have the teenager write down her guest list so you’ll know who she is wanting to invite. That way you’ll know how many of your own friends you’ll be able to bring to the party.  Make sure to take a good look at the list so you know how huge this party is going to be, or how potentially empty it may be as well.  Do your best to regulate the amount of people coming. An extreme on either side could cause the party to be too much, or a dud.


  • Save The Date- Since you’ve done all this planning ahead, most likely the party isn’t for a few more months.  That’s great! Because of this, you’ll be able to send out some Save the Date cards to your guests. This is similar to any Long Island Wedding. Once you get those out, you’ll be sure that guests will mark that date down for the Sweet Sixteen party, and won’t plan for anything else.  You may want to make your save the date card a magnet so they can stick it right on their refrigerator.  That way they’ll always look at it, and will be sure to make the event.  


Invitations- Similar to scheduling a Wedding on Long Island, your Long Island Sweet Sixteen party is going to need some invitations to be sent out.  So once you’ve found your venue, the date you want to have the party, and have your guest list in order, it’s time to send out the Sweet Sixteen invitations.  Make sure you ask your guests to RSVP.  We want to make your Sweet Sixteen planning smooth and successful.  So if you follow these initial steps, you’ll be on your way to a great party.

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Choosing a Quinceanera theme:

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One of the most exciting parts of a quinceanera is choosing the theme for the party. On the other hand, this is one of the biggest challenges. It’s important to have the traditional aspect of a quinceanera. But adding a personal touch never hurt anyone now did it? Let’s look at some possible ideas to choose from.

A common, yet excellent theme is having a Sophisticated themed Quinceanera. This will show others your grown up side. You can let your friends and family see your adult taste and style, as well as dress with an elegance appropriate for a night like this. This is a theme that will work well any time of year. In a sophisticated Quinceanera, I would recommend wearing black, white, or any muted color. This type of party is not styled for bright colors. You’ll want your court to look fabulous of course, but nothing that would detract from you on your special day. You should consider silver or gold for their colors. When it comes to decorations, less is more with a sophisticated theme. Favours with some shimmer and glamour will do nicely for an elegant quinceanera. As far as food goes, I would stick to a traditional meal. Something like fish, chicken, or steak will be very classy. You may want to bring out some tasty hors d’oeuvres being handed out throughout the party. Finally, just like the decorations, keep your music with a sophisticated theme. Keep with traditional songs that might be popular at quinceaneras, including obviously the traditional waltz.

Another popular theme is to have a Garden Party for your Quinceanera.  Spring and garden themes are always great if your quinceaneras takes place in the springtime.  And it totally fits the quinceanera theme of your new beginning of becoming an adult.  A perfect location for your garden party theme, could be an actual garden.  Or you may want to seek out some Long Island Wedding venues with a garden setting to fit your theme perfectly.   The nice thing about having a garden party theme during the spring are all the colors you’ll have to choose from. Pastels will be a favorite for this type of party.  With such a pallet to choose from, you’ll be able to select different color dresses for your court.  But of course, you won’t want them to outshine you.  If you find a nice Long Island wedding venue, you won’t need to do much decorating if it already looks like a garden.  You can also have a nice variety when it comes to your menu.  Having a garden theme gives you the flexibility for food.  Go with what you like.  It’s your day anyway.  And again, when it comes to music, it’s up to you!


A fun theme for quinceaneras is to have a Princess theme for your big day.  This is a little similar to your sophisticated theme, but you really can get more extravagant.  You can really go all out making this location a kingdom rivaling any fairytale.  This is a nice theme because it doesn’t matter what time of year you have it.  If you really want to look like a princess, you’ll want to go with a really elegant dress.  Colors such as white, gold or a soft color will turn you into that beautiful princess you’re hoping to be.  And of course, don’t forget the tiara! You’ll want your court to look nice too. A princess isn’t going to be hanging out with a bunch of towns folk are they? Your court can be dressed in a nice color, in matching style.  Or a different dress with the same color might look great too.  You should consider what type of princess you are before you plan the decorations.  If you are a fairy tale princess, then you’ll want to have your decorations look very feminine, and soft.  But if you’re a more modern princess, then you’ll want to get a more classic theme, with tons of lavishness. You’ll want the guests to feel like they have been invited to a royal court, and therefore the food must be a feast fit for a princess.  If your venue will provide on site catering, you’ll be able to have a menu that only royalty would approve of.  If you can afford nicer silverware, and chinaware, it will only help your theme.  And because you’re the princess, you get to be the one to choose the music.


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Long Island Weddings: What’s Your Season

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Long Island Weddings: What’s Your Season

Things to Think about for any Long Island Weddings in Every Season

You’ve just accepted a marriage proposal and are giddy with excitement. The partner you’ve been dating is now going to be your spouse for life, and you can hardly wait to wake up beside them as a married person. Before you can get to that point, you have to actually experience the magic of the big day. And before you can even get there, you have to decide roughly when you want your Long Island wedding to be. If you’re stuck on choices, then read on to see if any of the bright points we here at Windows on the Lake have listed about each season really speak to you so you can figure out which season you want your wedding to be in.

Winter Wonderland

A winter wedding is definitely not for everyone, as the number of weddings taking place is the fewest by far. In December and February, 7.8% and 7.0% of weddings take place, respectively, with only a scant 4.7% occurring in January. Those numbers can be good, though, because:


  • The likelihood of having your favorite wedding venue in Long Island — like Windows on the Lake — be available are the highest all year.
  • The dearth of winter weddings means venues and vendors will drop their prices so they maintain bookings.
  • Friends and family can capitalize on cheaper post-holiday travel prices to attend your wedding.
  • The holiday/winter season also tends to mean more free time for everyone, letting you have the guest list you really want.
  • Going away for a tropical honeymoon will feel extra special in comparison to the cold wintry weather.
  • The stark beauty of snow and winter provides an amazing backdrop for your wedding photos.
  • Not only will great photographers be much more available, but winter provides near-flawless lighting, too, which means you can possibly cut down a little bit on photography costs.


Spring Awakening

Not everyone is constitutionally cut out for suffering through freezing temperatures just to get the benefits of a winter wedding, and spring is right around that corner.


  • The charm and beauty of seeing life bursting through the earth adds a sweetness and hope to your special day.
  • Wedding venues and caterers in Long Island are still pretty available and reasonably priced early in the spring season.
  • The days are getting longer, and the sun shines for more hours each day.
  • The temperature isn’t too hot nor too cold, but that nice, comfortable medium.
  • A spring wedding is the perfect antidote to permanently cap off prolonged winter blues, and offers a sense of new beginnings — exactly what your wedding signifies.It’s the only time of year certain bulb plants, like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and anemones, bloom, and can be available to give your wedding a truly spring-time floral look.


Summer Splendor

June is the most popular month for weddings, grabbing 10.8% of the share, with August following close behind at 10.2%. There’s no doubt summer weddings are the most popular by far, so let’s take a look at why so many people are drawn to them.


  • If you or your guests live in a winter-heavy location, a summer wedding is one of the most glorious ways to highlight the most perfect season of the year.
  • The majority of flowers bloom in the summer, giving you just about a free-for-all of floral arrangements for the big day.
  • Long days, a bright sun, and perfectly warm weather give you the ideal and most natural setting in any city.
  • You can opt for an outdoor wedding with no hesitation, and use a tent just in case the rain clouds decide to be an unannounced guest.
  • Summer is the universal time for vacation, giving your guests the best chance of being able to attend without the pressures of the holiday season.
  • You can save a little bit on your dress by going for something lighter and shorter, as you won’t need all the materials you usually would for a cooler-weather wedding.
  • Because of the longer days and hours of sun, you may not need to spend as much on electricity at your wedding reception in Long Island as you would during other times of the year.


Autumn Glory

While each of the previous seasons have their own distinctive set of advantages, the fall is that one season that takes the best of all of them and combines it into one package. You have a near-limitless set of options on what you want to do, and the benefit of slightly lower wedding averages (September: 9.6%; October: 9.4%; November: 7.4%) to capitalize on prices that are a bit lower than summer.


  • The leaves changing color provides a breathtaking backdrop when nature is at its most spontaneously beautiful point of the year, and on such a wide scale.
  • You get the benefit of lingering summer-warm weather without the oppressive heat, and a pleasant cooling off in the evenings.
  • Special little extras, like including a hay ride or incorporating a barn, aren’t quirky, but seamless, in the fall.
  • Autumn reds, oranges and yellows make for absolutely stunning color and décor combinations, with an incredibly rich palette to choose from.
  • The crispness of the air also has that heady autumn aroma, so your guests can celebrate your wedding in Long Island with you on so many levels.
  • The beauty of the outdoors makes it really easy to set up for photographs, as the only thing you’ll have to worry about is making sure you’re standing in the right position relative to the sun. Nature takes care of the rest.
  • The weather is pretty consistent, so there’s a really low chance of getting surprised by rain for your outdoor nuptials.


If you’re still not sure when you want your wedding to be, then call us at Windows on the Lake to learn more about our fabulous venue. Or, better yet, drop by and see why getting married on Lake Ronkonkoma is one of the top choices of Long Islanders everywhere. Our elegant venue, combined with the natural beauty of the lake, makes it the perfect spot for your wedding no matter what season you end up going with.
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Quinceanera ideas:

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Having a Quinceañera is a very special day for many Long Island girls growing up in Latino Cultures.  This is a day they have been thinking about for years! I imagine there has been a lot of brainstorming and planning how to make this the perfect event for your daughter here on Long Island.  The time has come to pinpoint some ideas and run with it.  It’s your daughters fifteenth birthday.  She’s becoming a woman.  Let’s make this a amazing event never to be forgotten!

Quinceañera’s can be celebrated differently depending on the family, and the culture.  Some families like to keep things simple.  They only want to celebrate with their closest friends and family, and they don’t want to get too fancy with the decorations.  Other families have an extravagant evening with tons of food, and presents.  There tend to be more gifts at the high end celebrations as well.  No matter which way you decide to go, keep in mind that the focus on this event is to honor your daughter.

Part of the tradition of the Quinceañera is having your daughter put together a court consisting of 14 people.  This will represent the 14 years of childhood she has lived.  These members of the court will be dressed in matching formal wear.  Be sure to hire a professional choreographer, because this court will be learning dances and performing for the guests leading up to the father and daughter dance.

You shouldn’t make things complicated when choosing the music.  Just go with whatever your daughter’s personal taste is.  As hard as this might be, remember, it’s her special night, and a lot of her friends will be there with the same taste.  You can hire a DJ to play a mix of her favorite songs, or if you want to keep things on a budget, you can always put together a playlist on your iPod.  There are apps out there that will mix the music perfectly, as if a DJ was there.  But on a night like this, you might want to hire a DJ because there will be different things going on throughout the night.  So you may want that DJ moving the guests from thing to thing.  Feel free to throw in some songs you and your friends might like.  Depending on your budget, you may want to hire a Mariachi Band, or a Salsa Band.  This will give the evening a more traditional feel.  If you want to keep things less expensive, you could always hire a guitarist who can play Spanish guitar.

Now, you’re going to want to feed these guests right?  But before we get to that, why don’t we get to what’s really important.  The Cake! Seek out the best Cake Decorator for what you and your daughter are expecting for this night.  Some people would rather go with cupcakes, but hey, she’s only going to be 15 once, so a tier cake seems fitting for sure.

When it comes to food, you’ll have many Long Island Catering Halls to choose from.  So you might want to find a venue on Long Island that will cater in house.  Of course you can always choose off site catering, depending on what food you’ll be serving.  If your daughter’s birthday is during the wedding off season, it might be nice to check out some Long Island wedding venues to see if they are offering any special deals for Quinceañeras. Don’t forget how much you have going on with the planning, so you find yourself a caterer who will take some of the food stress off your hands. You and your daughter can plan the menu with the caterer and then leave it to them to make your meal ideas come to life.

You’ll want to look at the budget again to decide if you want a sit down dinner, or if you are going to go buffet  style.  Keep in mind, if the food is good, either option will be great.

Remember this is an occasion in your daughter’s life you’ll never want her to forget.  So do all you can to capture the events of the evening.  Sometimes it’s fun to put disposable cameras on the tables.  Once you get the film developed, it can be hilarious to see what people took pictures of.  It usually doesn’t cost to much to put together a fun photo booth for your guests to get together and have fun snapshots taken in there. If you have a friend or relative who is proficient in the world of photography, you may want to offer them a small stipend to take pictures of the night for you.  I would suggest if there is room in the budget, hire a professional photographer.  That way they’ll capture everything going on that night.

Lastly, remember that your daughter has been dreaming of this night, and waiting for it to be here for a long time.  At least a long time in her mind.  Make sure she is in a position where she can take it all in, and enjoy herself.  When all is said and done, make sure your daughter writes in a diary her greatest memories of her Quinceañera.  If you are able to plan ahead, and keep things organized, I know she’ll have the Quinceañera she always dreamed of!


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Your Wedding in Long Island: Rent or Buy?

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Your Wedding in Long Island: Rent or Buy?

A Wedding In Long Island: To Buy, or Not to Buy?

Your wedding in Long Island, New York is going to be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your life, other than buying a house or car. It’s with good reason, too: you’re making one of the biggest commitments to another person that you can make, and it’s a day where you, your future spouse, and all your family and friends celebrate the joy. But just because everyone special to you is sharing in your special day doesn’t mean you have to go overboard on the expenses, with renting what you need just as valid an option as buying. We take a look at the pros and cons of both so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

Buying: Advantages

There’s no question here what the biggest advantage is about buying what you need for your wedding in Long Island: everything will be brand new from your Long Island catering company and exactly what you want. There’s no settling for something close but not quite there, no feelings of having someone else’s leftovers, and no having to compromise on style.

Other than food, buying new ensures you get everything you want: flowers, tables, backdrop, decorations, clothing, dishes and more. You have complete control over which vendors you buy with, how you want everything to arrive, and what it can pair with. Plus, you can sell the items after your Long Island, NY wedding to recoup some of the costs.

Buying: Disadvantages

First and foremost, you’ll be paying a premium for owning everything outright. Buying is almost always more expensive than renting, especially if it’s just for one day. It’s nice to have that control over every single piece, but you have to ask yourself how much that control is worth to you.

If you buy everything for your wedding in Long Island, another question to ask yourself is where everything will go once your wedding’s over. Do you have the storage space for hundreds of dish sets, or are they going to sit around and collect dust? You could sell them, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find a buyer or that you’ll get the price you were asking.

Renting: Advantages

You’re going to save a lot of money by renting what you need for your wedding on just about anything you look for. For example, instead of paying about a dollar a plate, you can rent them for approximately half the price.  Married couples are eager to unload everything they bought, and you’ll be the beneficiary of that.

Plus, once the day is over, you don’t have to worry at all about packing everything up and finding a storage space for it.  Centerpieces and decorations are great things to rent since most of the time you will end up throwing them away afterward anyways. All you have to do is meet the vendor so they can pick it up, and you’re free to start enjoying married life.

Renting: Disadvantages

There’s no getting around spending the money, no matter how good of a deal you get on everything. But after? You’ll have spent the money…and go home with nothing. You can get around this a bit by buying a few items to save as keepsakes, and renting the rest to cut down on costs.

There’s also a small chance you may not get everything in pristine condition, as other people have rented the same stuff you’re using. Buying everything is a way to avoid this, but again, if you’re renting, it’s likely because you want to save a bit of money wherever you can.

Whether you rent or buy, let Windows on the Lake take care of everything for your wedding in Long Island. We have a team of professionals who can make your perfect day as simple and beautiful as you deserve, so give us a call today to get started.
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